Minggu, 03 April 2016

first day on UN 2016

     TODAY is first day for nat. exam. first was indonesian then geography. i think geo killed my head in the room just now. tomorrow is math. MATHWOCKEY. ittekimasu old enemy! :D
i hope for good result at this. i used to really drowning into this and it's really determine my future. we do it honestly every years. compare with outer, we were bleedy and sweaty on this. i feel like Alice Kingsleigh. and m vorpal is now rusty.

          Yesterday i dialed my old friend and very regret for my foolish words to him. gomen. my friends wandering for i used english. it was in Bone Fair. i hoped to see some folk show but there where only a dance and some sassy man -__- (Bone still has a thight tradition) from Bola (House) Soba' (relative) called Bissu (very very old and unique tradition).
          one thing made me guilty is " you are'nt a good friend. but you're very good friend" wich made me feel like "how moron i am" baka baka baka baka baka!
 forget it!

I think i'll go to review my notes. Ittekimasu!

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